The study of ecology, biochemistry & related environmental sciences has a natural home in New Zealand with Kuaka.
Hands-on environmental monitoring - water quality, vegetation surveys, fauna presence / absence, habitat restoration & more.


Sitting astride an active tectonic interface on the Ring of Fire, New Zealand demonstrates every major landscape process on earth. So we can explore its physical origins. Then we apply the impacts of humans as we seek to understand the dynamic between physical processes & human settlement.


Kuaka New Zealand is a sustainable business. It models collaboration, supply chain management & triple bottom line performance.
Students assess their study tour as a sustainable business product & engage in Kuaka's vision to "Enhance New Zealand" as they travel.


Hands-on environmental & community activity for students that assists local people in a tangible way.
We align ‘real-world’ experiential learning activities with course content & desired academic outcomes - including Māori cultural immersion & action to enhance the environment.

 Travel & learn with KUAKA

We are international education specialists.
We provide exciting & content-rich educational programs across a variety of disciplines.

Kuaka New Zealand's success is built on more than 25 years experience working in high school & college education, developing a host of field based learning programs for schools & colleges from USA, Singapore, Hong Kong & China. We customize study tours to your learning objectives. Our leaders, who are passionate educators & facilitators, support your faculty to make the very best of learning in context & using models & case studies.

We make human interaction with the natural world a cornerstone of each program. Environmental Science, Geography, Anthropology, Sustainable Business & Service Learning are our key areas of operation. We provide students - high school, college & adult learners - with in-depth, hands-on learning using New Zealand’s amazing variety of physical & social environments.

We are a New Zealand land-based educational program provider. We do also offer a complete packaged student tour service through outstanding travel partners who understand student travel intimately & provide you with everything from visas & ticketing options to on-site pre-departure briefings.

"So impressed by the Kuaka approach to student education... Kuaka are great to work with."

Dr. David Feary

Clinical Professor, Arizona State University.

The Kuaka experience


kuaka programs are always tailored to meet your learning objectives

Our programs are designed to be sustainable, assisting students to give something back to the community & environment & then focusing on how the students can 'take this learning home'. We enhance the environment, the community & the students through real, purposeful, effective learning experiences that also improve the destination.

Students see how volcanic activity has shaped the landscape of Auckland from the unique perspective atop one of the eight volcanoes that ring our largest city.

Examine the great geothermal fields of Rotorua - how humans have harnessed geothermal energy & how this environment has shaped the culture.

Immerse in the rich indigenous culture of New Zealand Māori, through engagement in important traditions & being hosted overnight at a cultural learning center set in virgin rainforest.

Experience how this bi-cultural society has Māori principles & beliefs as part of the fabric of everyday New Zealand life.

Discover how New Zealand is the most innovative country on earth!
From the characters of Avatar & Lord of the Rings, to the global success of Kiwifruit, developing numerous adventure activities & enhancing our natural wonders.

New Zealand is the perfect 'education destination' to connect classroom learning to their real-world applications. 

Our local knowledge & field expertise will ensure that you have a well targeted, effective & enjoyable educational program.

Educational & Learning Outcomes


Cultural Awareness Through Immersion


Environmental Awareness, Impacts & Mitigation



"The quality of my study abroad program... is greatly enhanced by our partnership with Kuaka."

Dr. Lori Blanc

Assistant Professor of Practice, Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech.