Dr. Jacqueline Snyder

The travel study program in New Zealand undertaken by Wichita State University & organized & led by Doug Farr is the most content-rich, exciting, & well-organized  educational experience I have been  connected with in more than three decades as a university educator.  

The total immersion we received in the culture & environmental aspects of the country during the tour left all participants amazed, energized, & grateful for the opportunity to visit & learn about this beautiful country.

As reflected in the journals & academic papers now being written by students who participated in the program for university credit, the learning has been deep & the experience itself, life changing.

All tour members are desirous of helping New Zealand continue to successfully pursue its strong commitment to sound development practices & environmental protection. 

I would also like to think that the lessons learnt by the students, will be applied during their future studies & careers.  

I hope we can bring the benefits of this program to as wide a group of US students as possible in the future!


Dr. Jacqueline Snyder,
Professor of Anthropology,
Wichita State University.