Dr. Janel Curry

I have nothing but praise for Doug Farr and Kuaka.

Underlying their programming is a deep understanding of cross-cultural appreciation, social change, and environment-society relations and policies. But perhaps what is most impressive to me was the educational philosophy that underlies it all -- integrating environmental education (including a broad view of this -- ecology, business, policy, recreation, etc.) with meaningful service-learning and connections to community. I am planning on bringing Doug Farr to Calvin College to talk with our off-campus programs director because Kuaka is doing, thinking about, and articulating already, what we want to do philosophically with all of our off-campus programs! And in addition, Kuaka was incredibly well organised and networked.

I went to New Zealand with the Grand Rapids delegation with reasonably low expectations and left wanting to work with Kuaka because of all they had to offer us in terms of programming and philosophy of international education...

...I am pleased to be able to speak to the quality and potential of a partnership with Kuaka New Zealand.

Dr. Janel Curry,
Dean for Research &: Scholarship,
Professor of Geography,
Calvin College.