Examining stakeholder engagement through supply Chains, marketing, Shareholders, EMPLOYEES & customers

From exporting to health provision, from manufacturing to I.T. services, the creativity & innovation, longevity of employment, loyalty of customers, strong consistent profit lines & low net costs of these businesses is reason to sit up & take notice.

Kuaka New Zealand introduces students to the whole picture of business context & follows supply chains & marketing from production through to sales outlets. They see businesses that know their markets, receive regular intelligence from these markets, present this information to the supply & production end & see the adjustments to market demand occurring as a direct & rapid response. This case study demonstrates stakeholder engagement by the business, the supply & marketing, the employees, the shareholders & the customers. This model is geared to promote an open business model that challenges historical approaches to doing business.

Major themes for academic business study - business culture, sustainability, brand & brand management, exporting, quality management & niche business - are all available with Kuaka. Students are exposed to a range of successful innovative business models that have demonstrated strong profitable growth across different fields of business activity. 

Kuaka New Zealand has established & run as a sustainable business since 2005. The development of sustainable business & the subsequent benefits to economic, social & environmental bottom lines are becoming understood globally.