This tour is organized for students to explore New Zealand science applications in the field & in the classroom. Particular focus is on the applications of science in modern day case studies & as future career requirements for students. Middle high school students extend their learning significantly when exposed to such real world hands-on applications of science.

A key theme is the applications of science using field & industry examples & case studies. From waste water management to kiwifruit production, storage & transport to market, science will be explored & analysed. Visits will be made to various learning scenes & participants will discuss the merits & issues of education outside the classroom & the maximizing of reflection in the learning process.

We also include a range of examples using applications of field skills through environmental surveying, gradient & discharge of rivers & innovative practice in endangered species management which aide in the enquiry approach to student learning.

A focus of this study tour will prepare students & lead them to complete a project including research, testing & reaching a conclusion on a key science question of our time.


excellent field-based learning activities add so much to the knowlege gained in the classroom

  1. To appreciate real word applications of science so they understand the relevance of the context & the changing nature of many scientific problems.
  2. To understand the scientific model by applying scientific methods to a range of field based situations.
  3. To develop skills & appreciation of accuracy in collecting data for research.
  4. To appreciate the relationship between living things & the cascade of effects when these relationships are impacted upon.
  5. To understand the impacts of humans on the environment & how these impacts can be monitored & mitigated.
  6. To appreciate the value of working in teams & sharing skills to produce better considered conclusions.

The study tour is interspersed with a number of exciting adventure experiences for students. This fun & personal challenge assists with the retention of knowledge & improving the group dynamics as we go. On our programmes students develop confidence to speak up in group situations & make friends.

  • Experiencing the Waitomo Glow Worm Cave by boat in the dark
  • Taking an exciting luge ride down the Skyline Skyrides slopes
  • Taking a scenic adventure ride in a helicopter over the Kiwifruit orchards & Pacific coastline. (optional).