NEW zealand - a geographers dream

Every single major landscape process is evidenced in the North Island of New Zealand except glaciation.

New Zealand is a fascinating place to study both physical & human geography. The island nation was formed at the junction between two tectonic plates, & is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. With evidence of volcanism in abundance. The close proximity of alpine, geothermal & coastal environments in New Zealand enables us to see large-scale physical processes within a small geographical area. On the human side, we will examine the concepts that arise from the interaction between different cultural uses of the environment, & the resultant settlement patterns. Within 300 miles, experience coastal processes, river processes, volcanism, seismic evidence, fresh water lakes, urban settlement, rural land use & the most effective resource management legislation in the world!

Kuaka has set up a range of case studies for college level so that study groups can immerse in issues of land stability & hydrological systems, coastal contests for land & managing coastal impacts, tsunami & other seismic hazards & their mitigation, growing healthy food in an environment that can be nurtured rather than mined.