Study of ecology & related environmental sciences has a natural home in New Zealand with Kuaka.
Students get hands on experiences in environmental monitoring - water quality, vegetation surveys, fauna presence / absence, endangered species rehabilitation, habitat restoration & more.


This is a fascinating place to study both physical & human geography.
Every major landscape process is evidenced in New Zealand's North Island except glaciation. As well as the concepts that arise from interaction between different cultural uses of the environment, & the resultant settlement patterns.


Kuaka New Zealand introduces students to the whole picture of business context & follows supply chains & marketing from production through to sales outlets.
The creativity & innovation, loyalty of customers, strong consistent profit lines & low net costs of these businesses are reasons to sit up & take notice.


New Zealand provides opportunities to work in a community to improve the functions & health of a natural environment.
We align ‘real-world’ experiential learning activities with course content & desired academic outcomes in order to provide students with a broader & deeper understanding of the subject matter.


New Zealand is a young, bicultural nation that offers a unique opportunity to study anthropology in an island nation where two cultures have combined, influencing each other, yet retaining their individual essence.
We examine the historical context, explore the merging of the two cultures, we look at the bicultural issues, & immerse you & your students in contemporary New Zealand culture.

College Groups

Our programs are fully customized to the needs & learning outcomes of each tertiary institute.
We specialize in using New Zealand as a case study across a range of disciplines, 
using models that are comparable to those students will be familiar with back home.

Each tour itinerary is designed as a complete structured learning event where experiences build on each other. Students develop a progressively greater understanding of key concepts & their applications. We collaborate fully with faculty to ensure that learning is maximized by contrasting the context of each experience against U.S. examples. Each program also looks to broaden students outlook through examining New Zealand culture, learning through interaction with real New Zealanders & traditional Maori cultural experiences.

We deliver learning experiences that are of the highest quality as well as being excellent value for money. Your students will be excited & engaged in their learning & you will see them take this learning home, with a new, more thorough understanding & appreciation of their course material.

"I have nothing but praise for Kuaka"


A two-time Fulbright Scholar, Janel is currently the Provost at Gordon College.

excellence in Education


powerful learning models using real-world context

Kuaka New Zealand has developed powerful learning models that give students understanding of key learning objectives in a real world context.

We specialize in physical & social sciences. Many operations in New Zealand are small & able to be viewed in miniature, making them easier to analyze & understand. We use these small operations as case studies to demonstrate key learning points & then how they relate to each other.

Kuaka has developed several field project sites where we can demonstrate many key curriculum areas as well as broader environmental / land management concepts as they are in real life.

We use a learning model where students are introduced to the theory, engage in practice, then process and reflect on the whole experience. A study tour runs for 7 to 21 days with experiences every day. We keep the learning front of mind by designing a staircased learning experience where we make sure they process before we move on. This process also naturally leads to students getting more involved in small group discussion & extending each others learning. They can then journal their own thoughts & it stays with them.

Concepts are introduced in a fun, interesting way
Cultural Awareness Through Immersion
Practical exercises give real-world context
Environmental Awareness, Impacts & Mitigation
Time is set aside each day for group discussions &/or journaling

"So impressed by the Kuaka approach to student education... Kuaka are great to work with."

Dr. David Feary

Clinical Professor, Arizona State University.